Construction of The Mercy Child Advocacy Center

The Sioux City office of ECS is very proud to be the construction management firm overseeing the construction of the brand new Mercy Child Advocacy Center.  We are currently in the final days of construction and as the project comes to completion we are looking forward to the facility being open to the public. The Mercy Child Advocacy Center is the only one of its kind within 100 miles of Sioux City, assisting law enforcement and the courts in getting perpetrators off the street, allowing the abused to tell their story, keeping them safe and protecting their dignity.  Mercy has a mission to offer these services at no cost to the families that they assist. The ECS team was thrilled to be a part of such an important project. As a Sioux City construction management firm, heading the construction of this community funded state-of-the art facility has been an honor. We are looking forward to the expansion of their services and seeing the Mercy Advocacy Center better serve the Siouxland community in the coming weeks.

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Forensic Engineering

Scott Flynn P.E. has been an asset to many legal cases. His expert testimony has played a key role in many different construction related disputes. This year in particular he has been brought in to examine issues with the construction of several different buildings in Iowa as well as Florida. His expert testimony and forensic engineering skills have definitely been a deciding factor in many situations. Scott is currently taking new clients. Call the ECS office at (712) 234-3033 to arrange a consultation.

Eagle Ridge Housing Development

By now many of you have seen ECS company President, Scott Flynn, in the local Sioux City, Iowa news outlets as he has been addressing the city council to make this great new land development a reality. We are very excited to be affiliated with this project and are happy with the progress we have seen so far. Check back here for updates and pictures of the progress as we begin the first phases of the construction within the next few weeks.

Why should I hire a Construction Manager?

Completing a construction project is a challenging task.  It can be very difficult to plan for your company growth and focus on existing operations while you are managing the stress and strain of designing and constructing a new building or an expansion of an existing building.  To be successful, you need someone you can count on to look out for YOUR best interests and effectively lead your building construction efforts.  You need someone with a unique skill set who understands both the design and construction industries.  You need someone who is unbiased and can pull together the best project team to get your project done right, on time and under budget.  A skilled, experienced Construction Manager can do this for you and get the best services from both the design and construction team.